How to Book a Villa - Farmhouse, B&B or Apartment.
  • Choose the type of property:
    There are two types of vacation rental properties:

    Villa - a villa is an independent house (not shared with other guests or with the owners) situated near or in a village or in the countryside. Usually the garden, swimming-pool and tennis court in a villa are private to the guests unless differently specified. Normally a villa can be rented on a weekly base (from Saturday to Saturday).

    Apartments - the apartment is normally a portion of a house in a building (it can be a castle, a farmhouse, portion of a villa, etc.). In this case outdoor areas, common areas, garden, swimming-pool, tennis court, etc. are shared with the owners or with other guests. In this case the units of a property can be two or more. In our descriptions we always mention the number of units which are enclosed in the structure (the apartments can be rented either on a weekly base (from Saturday to Saturday) or on a daily base with a minimum of days specified according to each single unit.
  • Browse the selections - We offer more than 400 properties for rent so it's easy to quickly become overwhelmed with the choices. Our search engine can help pinpoint all the properties that match your requirements. You can search by area, price range, date, number of people, number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms. You can further drill down by selecting the amenities you desires such as pool, phone, TV, accessible to disabled guests and many more. Also be sure to check the online availability calendar for each property. Read the policy regarding the property. In most cases, the policies are found on the pricing page. Become familiar with the cancellation and payment policy.
  • Make a list - We suggest you to use the Notepad feature of the website to keep track of all the properties that are of interest to you. Once you have narrowed your search down to a few properties (we suggest choosing 2-3 properties) make a list of all your questions regarding each property.
  • Ask your questions - Now you have two options, you can either e-mail your questions to us or you can give us a call to +39-055-535-7096. Many times a quick phone call (yes, our staff speaks English, French, German and Italian) will be the fastest and easiest way to get the information you need. If you have only a few questions we suggest a phone call (we remind you that each property in our program has been visited and checked by our staff, so we know these houses personally).

    However, if you have several questions regarding multiple properties an email would be a better choice. This will give us time to contact the property owner, if necessary, and compile all your answers for an accurate reply. To send an email simply go to the property page then select the 'Information request' option. A request information form will open. Please complete one form for each property selected. We answer all requests promptly, within 24 hours or less.
  • Finalize your selection - After you receive the answers to your question you will need to decide on the best property for your individual needs. If you are still unable to decide between a few properties we will be more than happy to help you choose. At this point, a phone call is always the best way to resolve the issues. Of course time zone issues may make a phone impossible, in this case, an email is welcome.
  • Pay the deposit - This is very important because while we can hold a property for four days while you decide, in order to be fair to the other renters looking at the same property, we cannot hold properties indefinitely. No reservation is final until a deposit is received. Deposits can be paid online through a secure web page with credit card. The deposit amount is 25% of the total rental price. The actual details can be found in the property description in the pricing section. A booking confirmation will be sent to you electronically once the deposit has been paid.
  • Pay the balance - The total balance of your rental must be paid 45 days prior your arrival.
  • Arrival - Upon arriving at the property you will be greeted by the owner or manager unless other arrangements have been made beforehand, they will go over the details of the property with you. A security deposit will need to be paid on the spot. This deposit will be refunded at your departure by the owner/manager if no damages have occurred. There may be extra charges to be paid 'on the spot' due for such things as heating, use of the phone, electricity, final cleaning etc. This varies from property to property so please check the details of each property to be familiar with your responsibilities.
There is nothing left to do now but... ENJOY Your Vacation with a PosarelliVillas house!